I'm a performance artist and writer based in Oakland, California. 

I make performance that elevates the unseen characters and overlooked moments of daily life. My work is deeply personal, funny, and formally inventive. I make plays, devised pieces, drag performances, video art, and performance art.

I have worked between established disciplines, artistic forms, and geographical locations for more than a decade, and I have produced my own work in San Francisco, London, Toronto, Warwick, rural France, Prague.

My current interest is solo performance that stages investigations of personal and family histories. I try to meet the father I never knew in You Know How I Feel; I try to learn from the political and sexual adventures of my gay uncle, Alex, who died before I could tell him I was gay; and I put on the clothes of my cantankerous grandmother, Betsy, in Bitch: The Drag Musical of the Life of my Grandmother, to try to understand just why she was so angry all the time.

I have worked as a research associate at the Bush Theatre in London, as assistant director at Berkeley Rep. I have assisted many small companies and performers as a consultant. I have led workshops in Europe and North America. Many years ago, I even directed and produced a theatre festival in rural France.

I trained in physical theatre at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and I have an MFA in playwriting from San Francisco State University, as well as a PhD in performance studies from the University of Warwick.

Outside of my performance practice, I spend my time teaching English at a community college in the Bay Area.

I am particularly interested in making new performance connections in the Bay Area, so feel free to get in touch.