Frank and Christopher, or the Last Guys in the Closet

Full Length - 2M

Frank and Christopher—accountants, homebodies, best friends—work in a forgotten corner of an office park. They do their job, crunch the numbers, get yelled at by their draconian boss Mr. Fishbane. When they feel the pressure, Frank makes jokes, and Christopher pours Frank another cup of coffee. It seems nothing will disturb their congenial working relationship, until one day, they discover a mutual love for Aretha Franklin and “Natural Woman.” The veil is lifted from Frank’s eyes. Suddenly unable to deny his love for his smiling co-worker, Frank feels the urgency of passion beat in his breast. Even under the watchful eye of Mr. Fishbane, he pursues his feelings, in his way, dropping mugs, bungling sentences, and injuring himself in the process. The more he humiliates himself, the further love seems to slip out of his grasp; between increasing work pressure, and a growing sense that Christopher doesn’t share his feelings, hope turns to frustration. But then, unexpectedly, Christopher acts. With a kiss, everything changes. Frank is head over heals. Christopher is in a panic. What did I just do? Am I one of “those guys?” A tug of war ensues. Avoidance, face saving, fights. The choice is stark: the life of safety and comfort they have always expected, or the frightening abyss of a life in love. Whichever they choose, one thing is clear—nothing will ever be the same. Will Frank and Christopher find their way out of the closet?

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