image: Nancy Patton Wilson

image: Nancy Patton Wilson

How to Cook for One

Full Length - 2W/2M

Mary Frances has mastered the soufflé. She and Al eat it frequently. It never fails, never falls. Chicken, however. She can’t cook chicken, the dryness. Dillwyn comes to change that. He teaches her. They stuff the chicken. 
Lemon, butter, sage. 
“It will be moist,” he tells her.

Mary Frances remembers. She cooks, she relives each meal. To find the one where everything changed. Was it the chicken? Or the gingerbread?

She never meant anyone any harm.

A slice of the life of the classic food writer, MFK Fisher. 
A play that takes place in the time a chicken roasts.
A life told in meals. 
A ménage à trois over dinner. 

Available for production.

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