misc romance

Full Length - 4M

In the campaign days of 2008, the dawn of a new age rife with symbols of hope both new (Obama) and old (Madonna), it doesn't seem unreasonable to believe in the possibility of love. Mike, Alex, and Enrique live in different cities across America, but inhabit the same set, a cramped studio apartment. Mike wants a partner, Alex wants to keep his, and Enrique wants everything but. The morning after the election, the three men opt to take a chance on love: Mike places an ad on craigslist, Alex plays it cool on chat with an increasingly long-distance boyfriend, and Enrique has some clean, low commitment online sex. Love gets a step closer later in the day, when the objects of their various affections appear at the doorstep—embodied by one actor. The play becomes an increasingly urgent struggle: connection or suspension, intimacy or distance, hope or disappointment. With six characters played by four actors, three apartments overlapping onto one, and the constant guiding presence of Madonna, misc romance explores how more connectivity doesn't necessarily mean less loneliness.

Available for production.

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