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You Know How I Feel
Bush Theatre, London, UK, 2013

Solo performance

This project was the surprising result of an experiment in collaborative authorship, developed with a group performers and writers. 

My name is Will Wilson, and this show is about me.

A young man with a bag of oats, a dog, and an idealistic will to live off the land, runs to find himself in the mountains of California. Forty years later, another young man, his son, chases after him, the father he should have known but never did. 

James is a researcher, and he wants to make a show. One that captures him, really. He's always been told he looks like him, acts like him, sounds like him, is like him. But he doesn't know how to play him. He conducts his research, does his interviews, puts on the right costumes, eats the right food, re-stages old pictures and movies. He's losing sleep. But the more he learns, the more he obsessively pursues Will, the further away he seems. 

2-Family History Project.jpg

The Mill - City of Dreams
Freedom Studios, Bradford, UK, 2011

Dramaturgical Consultant


This large-scale, promenade, site-specific performance engaged professional artists and community members over many months to create a show that staged the textile industry in Bradford in a disused wool mill and interrogated the future of the economically depressed city. The process reached out at many points to members of the local community, through events such as a "Mill Workers' Reunion." I was a dramaturgical consultant, working closely with co-writers/directors Madani Younis and Omar Elerian as they sifted research and material from rehearsal into a coherent script.




Frank and Christopher, or The Last Guys in the Closet
Greenhouse, San Francisco, 2010

Playwright, performer

Frank and Christopher—accountants, homebodies, best friends—work in a forgotten corner of an office park somewhere, always have. It seems nothing will disturb their congenial working relationship, until one day, they discover a mutual love for Aretha Franklin and "Natural Woman." Frank feels the urgency of passion in his breast, and becomes quietly determined to make their love take flight. But at the crossroads between acceptance and denial, will he and Christopher find their way out of the closet?





"Attachez Vos Ceintures" ("Fasten Your Seatbelts")
École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris, 2005

Writer, director

Three commuters, stuck in traffic, dream of the great wide open, and sing "I Shall Be Released."


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