Courses Taught


  • Foothill College, Instructor
    ENGL 46A, 46B, and 46C British Literature Survey - 2014-15

    Designing and teaching the core three quarter British literature series, beginning with the earliest works in Old English and ending in the 21st century. Focusing on developing appropriate critical responses throughout. Using a variety of teaching and assessment methods—readings, lectures, discussions, dramatic enactments, essays, tests, and collaborative projects—to excite and engage a diverse group of students with this large body of literature.


  • De Anza College, Guest Lecturer
    ELIT 12, Introduction to Dramatic Literature - Fall 2014
    Teaching three guest sessions on various topics in an introductory drama course for literature students: elements of acting, commedia dell'arte and The Servant of Two Masters, and Godot and the Theatre of the Absurd.


  • University of Warwick, Instructor
    TH113 Contemporary Performance Practices - 2011-12 and 2012-13

    Co-teaching an intensive, year-long introductory theatre course that introduces first-year students to a wide array of practices in the contemporary performance scene through lectures and practical workshops (16 hours of class time per week), with an emphasis on acting and devising. Designing and teaching the physical theatre and adaptation units in 2011-12, leading the introductory and physical theatre units in 2012-13. Supervising students’ mid-year and final projects, grading practical and written assignments throughout the year. 


  • University of Warwick, Guest Lecturer
    TH224 Contemporary American Theatre - March 2013

    Planning and teaching a lecture-discussion session on the work of playwright Charles Mee. 


  • San Francisco State University, Graduate Instruction Assistant
    CW513 The Craft of Playwriting - Fall 2009

    Helping to build the syllabus with Professor Michelle Carter, giving lectures, leading discussions and assisting with grading, and leading the writing workshop portion of the course (half of class time) for a portion of the students. The course is a hands-on introduction to playwriting practice in which students read and discuss contemporary plays, then put their discoveries into practice through targeted writing assignments.


Teaching Expertise 

  • Theatre literature, theory, history, and criticism
  • Acting and directing
  • Performance theory and contemporary performance
  • Physical theatre and collaborative creation
  • Playwriting and dramaturgy
  • Community- based theatre and social practice.

Teaching Qualification

  • Warwick University, Postgraduate Award—Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice July 2013
    Teacher training and credential program, awarded with special commendation